One evening during the fall of 2011, while surfing the channels on TV, we ran into the TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) channel, and something caught our attention. It was Dr. Edmund Chein from Palm Springs Life Extension Institute talking about the technology to increase the telomere length and its direct effect on quality of life and life span. Both George and I are very interested in extending our health span (the period of our lives that we can live disease free), and maybe life span. God promised us a life span of 120 in Genesis 6:3. But why are we not getting that kind of life expectancy now?

We immediately started researching and investigating the validity of Dr. Chein’s methodology. First, we found that he had three medical inventions that received U.S. patents. Next, we found that his book published in 1997, called Age Reversal, already mentioned the importance of lengthening the telomeres in reversing our biological age and extending human life span, 17 years before the Nobel Prize was awarded for Medicine in this field. Reading up on the Nobel Prize in Medicine of 2009, we confirmed that scientists now do have the technology and have succeeded in keeping human cells alive forever. We also found Dr. Chein’s second book, published in 2011, Bio-Identical Hormones and Telomerase, in which he discussed the various scientists around the world who discovered which hormones in our body lengthen the telomeres of our DNA.

However, to our dismay, we found some controversies surrounding Dr. Chein.

Even though Dr. Chein is a Christian, he was arrested for being the first physician in the USA to use human growth hormones on adults. However, the charges were subsequently dismissed by a federal judge. The DEA seized his DEA registration and revoked it because he believed in “dispensing” the testosterone to his patients living in foreign countries, while the DEA called it “exporting” (which requires an export license). However, the federal prosecutors declined to file any criminal charges from the incident.

Overall, there has been no criminal conviction of any kind and no medical malpractice suit has ever been filed against Dr. Chein in his 61 years of life. “That is good enough for us,” we said. Jesus and Apostle Paul also were put in jail in their times. It seems to us that pioneers always get persecuted by their peers. We all love and respect the government of this great nation; it is the few agents of the government, entrusted with power that we give them, that have been periodically abusing their power and making people’s lives miserable.

We are both very health-oriented. We eat right, exercise, and don’t like putting chemicals (drugs), or, as Dr. Chein would say, “anything God did not make,” into our bodies. However, at the ages of 50 (me) and 60 (George), we started experiencing the typical, age-related diseases of fatigue, high cholesterol, menopause/andropause, high blood pressure, obesity, low energy, and low hormone levels.

We decided to get on Dr. Chein’s program to supplement our hormones to the optimal levels we had when we were in our 20s.

Dr. Chein was knowledgeable, thorough, caring, and kind. He showed us genuine concern and support by always answering our questions within 24 hours after we emailed him.

We believe that Dr. Chein is a man of integrity and good faith. We love and respect him.


In just six months, we are already getting younger than when we started. There is a saying: a picture is worth a thousand words, and we will let our pictures do just that. (See our picture!). Dr. Chein demonstrated to us that his program can truly reverse biological age by having his own telomere length in his cells measured by Life Length of Spain (and USA). The test showed that his biological age is now 33 when his chronological age is 61, a reversal of 28 years!

(Download and read the Telomere Results Report)

We have decided to be the disciples of Dr. Chein's protocol, joining him in spreading the gospel that one needs to maintain the fitness of one's "temple" – the body that God has given each of us. As Dr. Chein would say, “Maintaining one’s body means checking one's bio-identical hormone levels and keeping those levels optimal with bio-identical supplements.”

Of course, we know exercise and diet are important. But who can eat better and exercise more in their life than Jack LaLanne? Jack LaLanne (who lived to 97) died of pneumonia after being sick only for a week. Don’t get us wrong; we were his fans. However, we want to do better than 97, and from what we can see, exercise and diet are not the whole picture. The telomeres in Mr. LaLanne’s white blood cells (and lymphocytes) that failed to defend him in the pneumonia were evidently not long enough. We are convinced that to be “young,” the telomeres in all the cells in our body have to be long and “young” too.

George and Helen Ionashku
Chattanooga, TN.
July 15, 2012

For additional information please visit The Palm Springs Life Extenstion Institute web site.